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 Patch Notes 16/03/16

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Serpent Temple
Closed Beta 19 Patch | Mar 17th, 2016

Beta Expectations


Map voting removed and adding back separate queues for each game mode.
"Due to our smaller population in early Closed Beta, we introduced the map voting option to keep all players in a single queue in order to maintain short queue times. This also allowed us to gather data on how each mode was doing. As we grow into the later stages of Closed Beta we want to make sure players can now choose what mode they want to play."
New Payload Map: Serpent Temple.
Capture Only game mode has been removed.
"Though Capture Only provided some quick fun, based on its performance and popularity along with its similarity to the Siege game mode we felt it was better to remove it."
Fixed an issue where players were not able to choose a Mount in Match Lobby.
Fixed an issue where renaming a deck would crash the game when players would use certain special characters.
Added a feature that allows you to automatically upgrade your cards throughout a match, prioritizing Legendary cards. This is on by default, and can be turned off in the Settings menu or by pressing "U" to view cards.
Improved HUD treatment when an ability cannot be used. It will clearly be red and crossed out.
Fixed an issue where the Beacon still appeared to be in players hands on respawn if dying while holding it.
Fixed an issue where the Beacon UI was showing in Survival mode, where there is no Beacon.
Addressed an issue where the spawn gates would be a second or so behind the actual match starting.
Addressed an issue with players getting stuck in the ground when spawning into match.
Fixed an issue where the Beacon pick up message was missing on the UI when standing on a Beacon.
Fixed an issue with a missing Survival death fog horn. The volume on the fog horn will be adjusted in future patches.
Fixed an issue in certain conditions with charge abilities that would cause players to get stuck on top of another player's head.
Addressed an issue where voice lines were triggered too often, creating voice chatter.
Fixed an issue on Glacier Keep where players were unable to step up onto certain windows.
Fixed an issue on Glacier Keep where wooden poles near the center capture point were missing collision.
Fixed an issue where the client would sometimes crash on shutdown.
Fixed an issue where some Champion skins appeared too small in match.


Continued polish and cleanup to various attacks, impacts, and skills. Improving clarity and removing legacy particle systems to clear up the battlefield and make visibility clearer.
This release addresses the following Champions: Barik, Buck, Cassie, Grover, Grohk, Pip, Ruckus and Skye.


Fixed an issue where the Respawn Beacon losing portal effect.
Fixed an issue where your respawn timer UI would overlap other elements.
Fixed an issue where the health bar for the Siege Engine would persist on your screen, even after the Siege Engine was destroyed.


Ultimate abilities no longer charge before the match has begun.
Fixed an issue where players were not being able to reload while Disarmed.

Champions - Balance/Updates/Fixes

"Since we have removed the passive stat benefits that cards provide, we have rolled that lost damage into the champions themselves, primarily onto their weapons. The bonus Health cards provided was not salvaged. We feel this keeps the damage and survivability of each champion consistent and more reliable to play with and against."

Fixed an issue where an Androxus bot would have no AI when a player disconnects.
Fixed an issue where Androxus cards were not showing scaling in their description.
Fixed an issue where a floating gun piece would appear in 3rd person view.
Fixed an issue where Reversal was dealing true damage.
Increased damage from 300 → 350.
Updated animation treatment to better represent the style of fire.
Now will dismount Androxus when fired.
Increased damage from 300 → 350.
Increased refire time from 1 → 1.2s.
Increased time between shots from 0.1 → 0.15s.
Decreased accuracy from 75 → 70%.
Nether Step
Addressed an issue with where your movement would get corrected by the server and seem jittery.
Accursed Arm
Increased projectile speed from 190 → 320.
Increased damage from 600 → 750.
Can now be cancelled by re-activating Accursed Arm again.

Increased duration from 5s → 8s.
Increased projectile speed from 220 → 390.
Increased damage from 340 → 433.
"Since Barik is positioned as a Damage Over Time champion, his Turret then has been updated to reflect that."
Reduced damage from 345 → 140.
Now deals 60 Fire damage over 0.5s every hit.
Increased attack speed from 1.4 → 0.7s.

Shrapnel Cannon
Increased damage per hit from 50 → 64.

Blast Shot
Now knocks Cassie back if she hits herself with the explosion.
Increased projectile speed from 270 → 320.
Increased damage from 360 → 460.
Fixed an issue where Scout was not revealing stealthed targets.

Ice Staff
Increased range from 130 → 175.
Increased damage from 360 → 510.
Now knocks Evie back and she deals 100 damage to herself if she hits herself with the explosion.

Fixed issue where shield would sometimes not activate. The most notable example of this was at the central point on Enchanted Forest.
Increased damage from 30 → 45.

Chain Lightning
Fixed from sometimes not damaging enemy players.
Ghost Walk
Fixed an issue where Grohk could be damaged in Ghost Walk.
Fixed Ghost Walk not working in wind totem.
Lightning Staff
Increased damage from 35 → 41.

Increased damage from 275 → 350.

Sniper Mode
Removed voice cue playing while aiming down sight.
Scout Rifle
Increased damage from 77 → 97.
Sniper Rifle
Increased maximum damage from a full charge from 800 → 880.
Fixed an issue where Headhunter would reveal stealthed targets.

Explosive Flask
Now knocks Pip back if he hits himself with the explosion.
Potion Launcher
Increased damage from 360 → 460.
Now knocks Pip back and he deals 100 damage to himself if he hits himself with the explosion.

Increased damage from 67 → 85.

Reduced duration from 5 → 3.5s.
Reduced Movement Speed from 20 → 15%.
Poison Bolts
Increased damage from 130 → 190 over 3s.
Wrist Crossbow
Increased projectile speed from 250 → 275.
Increased damage from 90 → 115.

Card Art - Updates

Moral Boost
Giga Siphon
Quick Draw

Cards - Balance/Updates/Fixes

"The card passive stats were originally implemented to help separate cards based on strength, but unfortunately creates a lot of confusion around which cards are better. It also makes it less clear how much Health and damage an enemy will have in any given match. We feel it is cleaner and more understandable to let the cards usage stand on their own and create decks around synergies instead of raw stats."
Cards no longer come with a passive bonus of increased maximum Health and increased damage percent. These bonuses have been rolled into each Champion's base damage.
Blast Shields
Reduced damage reduction from 35% → 20%.
Increased threshold from 500 → 600.
Deft Hands
Reduced reload time reduction from 50% → 25%.
No longer works against damage over time (DOTs).
Reduced damage reduction from 35% → 20%.
Increased threshold from 75 → 100.
Life Rip
Reduced life steal from 25% → 15%.
No longer triggered by HP Drops that are triggered from cards.

Fixed an issue where this card was not functioning.

Mega Turret
Decreased Attack Speed from 1.4 → 0.9s.

Beam Me Up
Reduced the cast time reduction per rank from 25% → 15%.
Rank 1 now starts at 15%.
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Patch Notes 16/03/16
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